Tape In Extension Zoom Class!! WITH HAIR INCLUDED

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Hay!! You better hurry and get in here!!

JUNE 6  Check your Time Zone!!! 10 AM EST  3PM BST  4PM GMT

I'm only doing this at this price 1 time!!! And with hair included?  Why not? 2 bundles included!! 

This class holds a $700 value!! That's HALF OFF!!

Learn How to install Tape In Extensions from our Zoom class! I promise you won't be disappoint!! Jump ahead of the game and learn how to PROPERLY install tape in extensions! This is a group class of 30 slots!! 

You can make your money back from your first client!! Be the first in your area to offer these extensions and upgrade your clientele! This is a luxury service you can add to your menu that's profitable and time saving!

Email any questions you may have to rawluxurybylorin@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!!