Welcome to Raw Luxury by Lorin

We offer a variety of Raw Textured 100% Human Hair extensions in various color options. Our selection is dedicated to the Kinky Curly Community to have options for their high end installation methods. Please feel free to reach out before purchase to make sure your selecting the correct items for your needs.

  • Choosing luxury means having options.

    Raw Luxury is proud to offer custom hair extension options to our customers. Select your desired texture, installation method, and color choice. We provide a luxury experience that is hard to compare to any other company.

  • Why does it take so long to arrive?

    We specialize in textured hair for luxury installation methods. Due to the quality of our product, it is not readily available at all times. Some orders may require longer processing times. Please feel free to inquire about in-stock items that are ready to ship.

  • What makes us special?

    This brand is dedicated to the kinky curly community to provide quality human hair extensions. While it will take time for your product to arrive, we promise, it's definitely worth the wait.

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Choose your texture preference

Raw Luxury provides our customers with various texture and installation options. Choose what's best for your mood!

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